Wood Finish Options For Tiny Home Floors And Walls

Building a tiny home means taking several things into consideration. Keep in mind, the idea behind most tiny home options is mobility. This means that most of the tiny home floor plans are built onto a trailer. With that in mind, you may need to think about the type of wood that will be over that trailer flooring, if there will be wood over that trailer bed, and what type of finishes are suitable for a mobile tiny home that may see various levels of weather conditions and traffic. Here are a few wood finish options that may fit your needs.

Wood Varnish Finish

A wood varnish finish is one that you typically see on outdoor furniture but would be ideal for the outdoor wood siding, small front porch area, or in the bathroom and kitchen of the tiny home. The key aspect to keep in mind with wood varnish is what it will do for the wood and for your home. The varnish gives the wood a high buffed shine look and feel at all times. Varnish wood finish also helps to prevent a moisture transfer between areas of the wood. This means that if you come in from a high humidity area, the varnish can keep the moisture you are bringing in from transferring to the wood in the home and causing water damage over time.

Waterborne Urethane Finishes

If you want a wood finish that is low maintenance and can be maintained with weekly cleaning, then a waterborne urethane finish may be ideal. This finish can be painted on or rolled on, may have a tint to it if you would like, and can be cleaned with wood floor cleaner and a mop. This is very low maintenance and uses very few tools to clean the wood and maintain it. In fact, you need a wood cleaning mop kit which consists of the solution and the dry mop and that is it. The finish may need to be reapplied at a later date, but this depends highly on the amount of traffic the wood flooring gets.

Flat Finish

If you want a matte finish for your wood that either colors it or enhances the natural look of the wood, then a flat finish may be ideal. Keep in mind that most of the flat finish available is in basic natural wood colors and it does offer a small protection from moisture. These finishes can be purchased at most natural wood furniture stores and are easy to apply. You can also make the look of these finishes and stains more intense by reapplying the wood finishes you choose until you reach the level of intensity you would like.

These are only three of the options that would be ideal for your tiny home. If you aren't sure what finish colors and stains would give you the wood finish you want, visit your local wood furniture store or home improvement store for samples to compare. Contact a company like Absolute Painting to learn more.