How To Restore Vinyl Siding With Paint

Have you noticed your vinyl siding getting a little dull? A simple coat of paint can make it look fresh again. However, it is essential you choose the right paint to avoid damage to the siding. 

The ideal paint for vinyl contains urethane and acrylic resins to accommodate expanding, such as acrylic latex paint or epoxy paint. Here are tips to restore faded vinyl siding with paint.

Prepare to  Paint

To paint vinyl siding, gather:

  • work gloves and eye goggles
  • broom or long-handled brush
  • extension ladder
  • painter's tape
  • drop cloths and plastic sheets
  • garden hose
  • sponge
  • vinegar
  • laundry detergent or oxygen bleach
  • paint brushes or rollers
  • acrylic bonding primer
  • airless spray gun (optional)
  • latex paint, spray paint, or epoxy paint

Plan to paint on a cloudy day or day with minimal sun, so the paint won't crack when it dries. The siding should be in good enough condition to paint. 

Lay drop cloths around the work area, and cover plants or shrubs with plastic. Place a ladder in a position to help you comfortably reach the siding, but don't set it against the siding. 

Clean the Siding

Sweep the siding with a long-handled brush or broom from the ground. Mix thirty percent vinegar and seventy percent water in a bucket, dip a sponge in the mixture, and clean the siding in small sections. For tough stains, clean with a third cup of liquid laundry detergent mixed in a gallon of water. 

Rinse with a hose, and let the siding dry two or three days. Pressure washers aren't suggested for vinyl, since the water may get under the siding. If you run into mold, clean it with oxygen bleach.

Prime and Paint

Cover outdoor outlets, hydrants, door trim, and window trim with painter's tape. When you buy paint and primer, choose colors close to the original siding color, because a dark color won't reflect heat effectively. Vinyl siding primarily comes in light or neutral colors for this reason. For example, good colors to paint white siding include beige, eggshell, and pale yellow.

Apply acrylic binding primer with a paint brush. Acrylic bonding primer helps the paint stick better, so it lasts longer. Let the primer dry according to the time suggested on the can.

Paint the siding in small sections with the paint brush or lamb wool roller following the grain. If you use spray paint, insert the can in the airless spray gun, and move the gun parallel to the siding. An airless spray gun gives you more control over the can. Let the first coat dry, and add another coat, if needed.

Painting your vinyl siding will make it last longer. If you think you aren't up to the task, contact a paint service like Carpentry & Painting Experts.