Glazing Vs Painting Concrete

Concrete can look a little ordinary and boring. Raw, gray concrete is by no means the most stylish surface material, so it makes sense that so many people want to add some color and flare to their concrete. There are a few ways that you can create a more dynamic look with your concrete. There are techniques that work well for both interior and exterior surfaces. This article explains two of the best options for adding color to your concrete.

Painting Your Concrete

Many people don't realize that concrete can actually be painted quite easily. Of course, the look of your concrete paint job depends on what product you use, and what surface you are painting. Usually, paints will rub off over time, and they require more maintenance. This is particularly true on flat surfaces that are walked or driven on. Paint can get scratched off very easily, making it impractical for most floors.

If you have a smooth concrete surface that is polished or burned, the paint will go on very well, and it will create a nice finish. Rougher ready mix concrete is usually so porous that painting it is far more difficult. The end product doesn't always look great because the paint doesn't fill in the large pores.

Glazing Your Concrete

One of the best ways to add color to your concrete is to apply a tinted glaze. Tinted finishes are translucent, so you can clearly see the concrete underneath. The glaze just adds a tinge of color that is more subtle than a solid paint finish. Most tints are subtle earth tones.

Concrete glazes are actually not that much more expensive then paint. They are a liquid gel solution that can be applied using the same techniques as painting. The concrete glaze is usually going to be far more durable than a paint finish. The glaze bonds better with concrete and does no scratch off easily. It will stay adhered to even the roughest concrete.

In fact, a glaze can greatly improve the texture of your concrete by making it smoother and filling in pores. In general, a concrete glaze is easy to apply, and it is an affordable way to refinish your surface, whether it is a wall or floor.

When choosing between paints and glazes, it comes down to what type of surface you are going to refinish, and how you want it to look in the end. Contact a company, like A Blaze of Color LLC , for more help.