An Autumn Paint Job That Will Update The Appearance Of Your Residence

During the autumn is a suitable time to paint the outside of your home. Whether you are going to be placing your residence on the market next year or would just like to improve the curb appeal of your property, an extensive paint job or one that involves touching up slight blemishes and repainting trim and woodwork will provide your home with a pristine appearance.

Conduct An Assessment And Complete Prep Work

Repainting isn't a cut-and-dry job that involves purchasing some basic supplies and applying them to siding and woodwork. First, complete an initial assessment to determine the complexity of the project. Walk around the perimeter of your home. Are there several areas that are covered with mildew or cobwebs, or do you notice that the paint is chipping in spots? If the initial paint job wasn't completed carefully or if you live in a humid climate, paint may have lifted from some siding pieces.

Write down the areas of the exterior that need to be addressed. Additionally, decide the level of work that you wish to complete. If you are interested in repainting the home a completely different color, then you are going to need to clean, chip, and sand dirty or damaged surfaces. You will also need to purchase several gallons of primer, latex paint, drop cloths, painters tape, and paintbrushes.

These materials will be necessary for a touch-up job, but the quantities will vary greatly and you won't be spending quite as much money. After completing the assessment, purchase the materials you will need and use a hose or pressure washer and a scrub brush to clean the home's exterior.

Remove loose flecks of paint and sand siding pieces that don't have a smooth surface. Apply strips of tape to wrought iron railings, woodwork, window frames, door knobs, and other small areas that are near the sections that you are going to paint.

Complete The Job

Complete the job in segments. Choose the front, back, or one of the sides of the house to repaint first. Apply primer to elevated areas before completing the bottom portion of one of the sides of the house. If you use a primer that contains a vinyl sealant, paint lifting from the siding won't be an issue again.

After priming is complete and the siding pieces are dry, apply the paint from top to bottom. The entire house should be painted before moving on to the trimwork. Remove the strips of paint that are covering the trim pieces and use a complementary color of paint to repaint the surfaces.

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