4 Things To Keep In Mind When Painting Your Commercial Building

If you are painting the exterior of your commercial building, you will want to make sure the job is done right. A new commercial paint job can make your building stand out, improving its curb appeal. A better curb appeal can help attract better tenants and customers.

Thing #1: Invest in Proper Prep work

When it comes to painting the outside of your commercial building, you need to do more than hire a team to paint your building. You need to hire a team to properly prepare your building if you want the best possible results.

For example, you will want to hire a team that will start by pressure washing the outside of your building. Pressure washing the outside of the building will help get rid of mildew and dirt and help the new paint job stick better to your building and provide you with a better-looking paint job.

Depending on the material your building is made from, you may need to have the outside of the structure stripped and sanded to prepare the best possible surface for the paint job. Additionally, you will want any restoration work that needs to be done to improve the outside of your building to take place before it is painted.

A commercial painting company will generally offer all these services as part of an all-encompassing package. Investing in these services will help protect the integrity and improve the appearance of your building.

Thing #2: Think About Safety

When you choose the paint that goes on your building, be sure to think about the paint's safety. You are going to want to choose odorless paint that doesn't release a lot of chemicals. Paints that release many chemicals present a safety risk to your employees, tenants, and customers, even when applied to the outside of your building.

Thing #3: Carefully Choose the Color

Don't just pick any color for the exterior of your commercial building. You need to think carefully about how the building's color will impact and attract customers and tenants. If you have a commercial building with multiple tenants, you may want to go with a more neutral color than if you have a building with a single tenant, in which case you may want the building color to match more with that tenant's branding.

If you are unsure of the best color for your commercial building, consider getting a color consultation. A color consultant will help you consider color psychology, real estate trends, and paint quality when choosing a color.

If you are looking to repaint your commercial building, hire a commercial paint team, like Blue Star Painting Company, that can take care of the prep work and the painting job. Use a painting style that is odorless to create a better work environment and work with a color consultant to choose your building's best color.