What Can Residential Painters Do For Your House?

The color of your house makes a statement. House paint can make your home pop visually. It can also protect your house from the elements. If your home is looking drab or you simply want to change its color, a residential painting service can handle every aspect of the job. Here are four things that residential painters can do for your house.

1. Remove old, chipped paint.

Over time, house paint can become battered and worn by the elements. Sun exposure can cause paint to chip and curl, creating an uneven surface. Residential painters can remove old, chipped paint from the interior or exterior of your home. If necessary, they will sand your walls to create a smooth, even surface for a new coat of paint to adhere to. Proper preparation will ensure that your house paint renovation looks as professional and elegant as possible.

2. Refresh the exterior of your house.

Residential painters can paint the exterior of your home using ladders and scaffolding to reach every inch of your house. Exterior house paint is formulated to be waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet light. These qualities can prevent fading and warping over time. Exterior house paint can protect the wooden boards of your home. In addition to choosing a color for the outside of your home, you can choose the type of finish that you prefer. Satin finishes are especially popular for house exteriors.

3. Change up the interior of your house.

Residential house painters can also repaint the interior of your home. Changing the color of your walls can drastically alter the mood and aesthetic of your house. Dark colors can give your home a gothic appeal that some people find desirable. You can make your home seem more spacious and airy by choosing light colors.

As with exterior paint, you can choose the paint finish that you like best. Matte, satin, and glossy finishes are all available. However, people with pets and children should be aware that matte paint is more likely to show stains. Your residential painters can offer expert advice when it comes to choosing the right paint finish for your situation.

4. Paint new additions to your home.

Home renovations can increase the value and utility of your home. Some people improve their houses by adding garages, sheds, or mother-in-law cottages. Residential painters can help these new additions blend into the rest of your house. You can choose to have new home additions painted in contrasting or coordinating colors based on your ideal design.

For more information on residential painting, contact a professional near you.