Tips to Give You a Straight Line Along Your Ceiling

If you are going to be painting, the line along your ceiling and wall can be an area that may make your hands tremble. This is an area that most will notice when they walk into a room, so you want them to be as perfect as possible. If you are doing the painting yourself, there are things you can do to help give you the straight line you are looking for. Note that not every ceiling is completely straight, and you could have some sagging or tiling, and no matter how straight your line is along your ceiling, it may be your wall/ceiling and not your paint job. Read on for some tips to give you a straight line along your ceiling.

Scorch a Line

To give you a line to work with that you can clearly see and to help use as a guide, you can scorch a line in the wall along the ceiling using a straight edge or a box cutter. Don't cut too far into the wall when scorching the line, as you don't want to press too hard—only enough to give you a minor line that you can then cover with paint and will fill in the line that you've marked. Scorch the wall, then use it as a guide and paint below this line. Use your ceiling paint and paint above the line.

Start Your Line on the Wall

Instead of trying to paint all the way up the wall and into the crack where the wall meets the ceiling, try starting your line down a bit and making your own straight line. Continue on this line all the way across the wall and carry it through the entire room. Paint the ceiling paint down to that line that you've created and it will give the illusion that you have a straight line. The joint disappears altogether and you have the illusion of a perfect line all the way around the room.

Use the Right Tools

When painting this part of the room, you should use the right tools for the job. Using an angled paintbrush with good bristles is necessary, don't attempt to use an old paintbrush on a new job. You can also use a paint edging tool that has a pad on the applicator to apply the paint in a straight line. Using the right tools will help give you the look you are trying to achieve.

If you are going to be painting a project in your home, don't fret about the line at the top of your wall. Use the tips above to help give you the look you are trying to achieve. Hire a professional painting contractor to help you.