Sage Is The Rage: Why It Has Become One Of The Most Popular Paint Colors In Interior Design

If you have visited a home décor store recently, you probably noticed a lot of sage green items on display. From curtains to bedspreads and everything in between, sage is the rage, and for good reason. When used for walls, sage green will transform your home into a soothing yet refreshing sanctuary.

A new shade of neutral

Move over gray, beige, and off-white, a new shade of neutral is in town. Sage green is the perfect upgrade for those who love a neutral look but are ready for something different than the classic gray, beige, and off-white paint palette. Sage green will give your interior walls a neutral look with a pleasing and subtle pop of refreshing color.

Sage is refreshing but not overpowering. It can be used throughout the entire house and will look as great in the kitchen as the bedroom. Sage is easy on the eyes and may become your favorite new shade of neutral.

Promote rest and relaxation

If you want your home to be your sanctuary away from the busyness of the world, sage green is up to the task. Sage green's silver-gray undertones make it a perfect choice for promoting a sense of rest and relaxation throughout your home. Great for the master bedroom or a nursery, sage green's soothing vibes are sure to promote sleep and rest when you need it most.

A perfect companion to other colors

Sage complements other earthy colors so well you may wonder why you waited so long to paint your walls in its eye-appealing hue. Sage plays well with white, beige, brown, gray, and yellow but does not rule out other colors. Sage will also provide a nice balancing contrast to navy blue, deep burgundy, and red.

White or beige trim combined with sage green walls will create a perfect balance of color in a room. Use yellow curtains in a kitchen painted in sage and watch the springlike transformation take place at once. Bring a den or family room to life by pairing sage with chocolaty brown accents.

If you are looking to upgrade your interior wall color from the popular neutrals of the past, sage green will give you the neutral palette you love while adding just a touch of pleasing color to your home. Sage is earthy, warm, and inviting, which makes it a natural choice for outdoor lovers and those who want to create a home inspired by the colors of nature.

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