Three Color Ideas For Painting Your Home Office

When you set up a home office that you'll use for most or even all of the workweeks, you want to ensure that this part of your home has the right furniture and decor to give it the professional feel you need. It's also important to give careful thought to what color the walls will be. While white walls can be simple, you might feel that they don't offer enough visual appeal — particularly when you'll be occupying the room for several hours each day. Here are three color ideas for your home office that you can discuss with a local interior painting professional.


If you want a darker look, perhaps complemented by white trim, there are several paint colors to consider. Charcoal paint is a stylish hue that can work well. It tends to have a professional look, which will help to give your home office the vibe that you want. Charcoal walls can also look fairly sleek and modern, which you may feel will be a good fit for your particular line of work. Having a white desk and perhaps some white frames with your professional degrees or certificates on the wall can pair well with charcoal wall paint.

Sky Blue

Sky blue is another hue that you may wish to consider for your home office. Its lightness can work well, giving a small space a fairly large feel. This can be ideal if you've decided to convert the smallest room in your home into an office space. You'll find that sky blue paint can vary from brand to brand. Some products are extremely light, while others are slightly darker — although still much lighter than most shades of blue. Sky blue will give your home office a clean and cool look, which may work well for you.


If you like the idea of your home office having warm color tones on the wall, but don't want anything too dark that makes the space feel smaller, peach-colored paint is one idea to think about. The lightness of this color, which has orange, pink, and red tones, offers a cheery look. You might like this look if you feel it matches your personality — warm and cheery, both of which can come through while you're on video calls with colleagues or clients. For more information about house interior painting, contact a company in your area that can help you pick colors.