Extend The Life Of Your Vinyl Siding With Paint

If the vinyl siding on your house looks old or tired, you may make plans to replace the siding soon. Rather than replace your home's siding, paint it instead. Paint not only extends the life of your siding, it also revitalizes the exterior of your home. Learn more about painting vinyl siding below. 

Can You Really Paint Over Vinyl Siding?

Homeowners often choose vinyl siding for its vibrant and exciting colors as well as its ability to withstand moisture and pest damage. Although siding lasts a long time,  intense heat and heavy rain can fade and warp it over time. Many homeowners replace their old, faded siding with new siding. However, siding replacement may not be a cost-effective thing to do for some people. Rather than invest in new siding, paint over it instead. 

You may think it's impossible or almost impossible to paint over siding. While it may appear difficult to paint over siding at first glance, it's possible to do so. As long as the material isn't warped or badly damaged by insects and moisture, you can coat it with paint. The defects in the siding will only show through the paint after it dries. 

Can You Paint Over Vinyl Siding Yourself? 

As with other large painting projects, you must follow a good number of steps to paint over the siding. You must prepare the surface of your siding carefully before you paint over it. The surface must be free of anything that could show through the paint after it dries, including grit, bird feces, and dead plants. 

You also want to choose a paint color that closely matches the current color of your siding. Manufacturers generally use permanent dyes to coat their siding panels. The new paint must be able to completely cover or mask the old paint without compromising the siding's integrity. 

You also want to select a paint that doesn't fade or peel when exposed to sunlight, heat, or moisture. The paint should come with UV protectants and other ingredients that keep it intact after it dries. 

Meeting the requirements above can be time-consuming if you do them yourself. You can do the job better if you allow a contractor to paint over your siding for you. A paint contractor won't just prepare and paint your siding for you, they'll offer you tips on how to maintain your newly painted siding afterward.

Contact a local exterior painting service to learn more.