Wood Finish Options For Tiny Home Floors And Walls

Building a tiny home means taking several things into consideration. Keep in mind, the idea behind most tiny home options is mobility. This means that most of the tiny home floor plans are built onto a trailer. With that in mind, you may need to think about the type of wood that will be over that trailer flooring, if there will be wood over that trailer bed, and what type of finishes are suitable for a mobile tiny home that may see various levels of weather conditions and traffic. Read More 

How To Repaint Metal Filing Cabinets

If you have a faded metal filing cabinet in your office, you don't have to discard it. Maybe you got a great deal on a used cabinet that needs a touch up or doesn't match the office decor. It is possible for even a novice DIY person to give faded filing cabinets a new look with a coat of paint. Here are tips to paint a metal filing cabinet. Prepare to Work Read More 

Cleaning And Storage Of Art Supplies And Tools For The Fine Artist

As a fine artist, you want to keep all of your painting supplies and tools clean and well stored so that they can be used for a long time. It is important to store all of your painting supplies and tools in a clean, dry storage area that is out of direct sunlight. Here are a few simple ways to clean and store your painting supplies and tools to preserve them and keep them in good condition: Read More 

3 Tips For Getting The Most Benefit From Painting The Outside Of The Home

As winter ends and spring presents with longer, warmer days, those longer days  allow you to spend more time outside. Unfortunately, that extra time outside also provides you with the opportunity to notice the peeling or faded exterior of your home. If you are ready to update your home's paint job, you are likely to find the following advice to be quite helpful.   #1-Buy (And Mix) All Of the Paint At The Same Time Read More 

Simple Foam Roof Coating Maintenance You Can Do On Your Own

If you have a foam rooftop covering your home or place of business, you are most likely benefiting from its existence with lower energy costs, as it is a great way to insulate a structure. To keep these costs from climbing, your roof should be maintained regularly. It is important to take care of any rips or tears that may become present within the foam due to normal wear and tear. Read More